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Kit Kat Senses Caramel Cream

Kit Kat Senses Caramel Cream

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Taste test: This candy bar followed up the original hazelnut version of Kit Kat Senses by substituting caramel for the hazelnut while retaining the same overall shape.

The shape was different from both the original four-finger Kit Kats and the oversized single-finger "Chunky" versions, as it was like they took a single finger from a four-finger bar, made it slightly wider and much longer and then added five projections on top, each containing the caramel. The caramel cream was much different from your usual caramel, as it wasn't even remotely liquidy and didn't even look like caramel, but more like peanut butter. I think I'll stick with normal caramel over caramel cream, as this was OK but really didn't do much for me. The crunch of the wafers was soft and the caramel taste was subtle and didn't mix with the chocolate in quite the way I would have liked.

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From the package: “Crisp Wafer with a Creamy Caramel Topping”

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Company: Nestle

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Kiki's Kwik-Mart, Brighton, Massachusetts. Review published .

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