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Kirkland Signature Organic Chocolate Pudding
Snack Review

Kirkland Signature Organic Chocolate Pudding

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Taste test: I bought a box of 12 of these pudding servings on an impulse, not fully understanding at the time what it was, and not intending to use it for snack review. It turned out to be not just worthy of a review, but truly one of the great inventions of all time.

In short, it's pudding that you suck out of a tube. But, really, it's so much more!

Why didn't it seem like review material? Taquitos.net doesn't normally review pudding or other liquidy snacks. But our guidelines for a snack that we can review (see our FAQ for all of the criteria) say it should be shelf-stable and require no refrigeration or cooking, so there was nothing prohibiting a review.

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Each packet had a green plastic cap at one end. Unscrewing the cap revealed a 1/4-inch round opening into the pudding packet. Suck on that for a while, and you've got a good helping of putting going directly into your mouth. It was rich, smooth, fairly thick chocolate pudding. Very tasty. And because you suck it out of the tube, there's no messiness at all, and no bowl or spoon required!

I put some of the pouches in the fridge to see how the pudding tasted cold. As expected, it was even better that way!

The real innovation here was the cap. It screwed off fairly easily, with an initial snap to break a safety seal. That's so vastly better than ripping open the end of a tube. The cap also made it resealable, so that you can save some pudding for later if for some reason 3.17 oz. is too much for you.

Liquidy stuff in a tube isn't exactly original. There are lots of sports gels and even yogurts designed to be sucked out of tubes. But there are two major problems with all of the ones I've seen: 1) No cap. You need to rip open the packet and then suck out the gel. So it's more work and can be messy. 2) The sports gels themselves are generally kind of gross. You need to down some water afterward to get all that thick sugary stuff down into your system. This, on the other hand, is pudding!

Having said all of this, we should point out that this was some of the most wasteful packaging we've ever seen (much like those sports gels). The 12 packets and box constituted a whole lot of packaging material for not all that much pudding, and the packets seemed to be entirely un-recyclable.

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Smell test: Hard to smell it much, because the opening is so small, but it did smell like chocolate pudding.

From the package: “DO NOT microwave pouch. Refrigerate after opening & serve within 24 hours. Do NOT freeze. This package has a cap, which may make it unsuitable for unsupervised children” ... “Certified organic by Oregon Tilth”

Online store: Buy chocolate on Amazon #ad

Company: Costco Wholesale Corporation

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Costco. Review published .

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