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Mallow Burger

Mallow Burger

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Taste test: This marshmallow snack looked a lot like a burger, with a thin bun on bottom, a thicker rounded bun on top (complete with simulated oversized sesame seeds), and in the middle, a squarish burger layer and a squarish cheese layer. Each layer was colored appropriately. The whole package had a soft, spongy feel to it, on the dense side as marshmallows go.

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Upon biting in and pulling apart the layers a bit, I found that there were some additional bits of hardened white marshmallow inside, used as glue to hold the various pieces together. Also, it turned out that the burger layer had a hole in its center.

All of the layers seemed to taste about the same, with a sweet and slightly fruity taste, really not bad, but also nothing that I could tolerate 3.88 ounces of. Just a plain marshmallow flavor would have been better. Or if Kandy Kastle had been really ambitious, they could have tried to make it taste like a burger. But anyway, they didn't, so I just had a few nibbles from each layer, maybe 1/10 of an ounce in all, and with that I may have eaten my entire life's fill of marshmallow hamburger.

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Smell test: Smells like fruit candy, maybe Gummy Bears.

From the package: “Great Tasting Marshmallow Burger” ... “All American 'Fun' Burger” ... ” • Fat Free • Low Sodium • Cholesterol Free” ..."Serving Size 3.88oz (110g) Servings Per Container: 1 Calories: 378 Calories from Fat: 0”

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Company: Kandy Kastle

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