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Joyva Halvah Original Flavor

Joyva Halvah Original Flavor

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Taste test: I've eaten halvah many times, but this small bar might have been the first time I had a version with no chocolate whatsoever, with neither a chocolate coating nor a marble interior where chocolate is mixed into the bar itself.

I'm a big milk chocolate fan, and I do like eating halvah, but this was a real test for my ability to really enjoy the halvah without benefit of the chocolate. The good news is that the bar passed the test. I still enjoyed this sweetened finely crushed sesame concoction.

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Smell test: Mildly sweet, but not particularly like sesame.

From the package: “A delicious sesame treat!” ... “Ingredients: Crushed Sesame, Corn Syrup, Sugar, Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil, (Cotton Seed, Soya), Dried Egg Albumin, Natural and Artificial Flavor.”

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Company: Joyva Corp.

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