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Joyva Halvah Marble

Joyva Halvah Marble

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Taste test: This version of halvah came in a small candy bar-size bar, and it contained strictly the halvah with no chocolate coating, but with a bit of chocolate mixed in for the marble look.

Halvah is made from sweetened crushed sesame, but it sure doesn't taste like sesame to me. It's dense and has sort of a crumbly, mortar-like texture. I ate a lot of halvah as a kid (served from cut-up pieces of a much larger bar, usually with the chocolate coating) and I always liked it, and I still liked it with this one.

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Smell test: Just mildly sweet, not much of a chocolate smell.

From the package: “A Delicious Sesame Treat”

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Company: Joyva Corp.

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