John Deere Fruit Flavored Snacks

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John Deere Fruit Flavored Snacks

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Taste test: What do tractors have to do with snacks? Well, this box contained 10 bags of gummy fruit snacks in the shapes of various farm and tractor items.

With the John Deere branding on the box, it could just as well have contained sparkplugs, but as it turned out, these fruit snacks actually tasted pretty good. The different varieties had only slightly different fruit tastes, and in some cases it was hard to tell the difference between the flavors. The box said that the overall flavors were strawberry, grape, orange and cherry. There were six different shapes/colors: red barns with silos (tasted most like cherry), orange suns (orange flavor), green golf carts (possibly grape), yellow plows (I was expecting lemon flavor, but really it tasted a lot like the orange), green tractors (maybe grape flavor, but not much) and purple pigs (grape flavored, and yes, the really were purple pigs). The taste was a lot like other recent kinds of gummy fruit snacks, a good fruit flavor without being too sugary.

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Smell test: Mild but good citrusy fruit smell.

From the package: “100% DV Vitamin C” ... “80 Calories” ... “Fat Free”

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Company: Kellogg's

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Kmart. Review published .

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