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Hot Tamales Fire & Ice

Hot Tamales Fire & Ice

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Taste test: This box intermixed two different kinds of Hot Tamales (each of which we've reviewed separately) in one box, with red pieces being the fire and blue ones being the ice. But there was some weird stuff going on here.

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First weird thing: They named this product Fire & Ice, playing off a common expression, which corresponds to two actual flavor names within the Hot Tamales brand. But they noted on the corner of the box that the red ones were actually "Classic Hot Tamales" and not the even-hotter Fire ones. So they came up with a concept for the name, had actual products whose names matched the concept, and then chose to use a different product for one of the two that had to be explained with a footnote. Huh?

Second weird thing: They're combining mints with cinnamon candies. Why? I like regular Hot Tamales and all of their other hot versions, and I found the Ice ones to be merely acceptable. Put them together, it's a bad combination of tastes. It was certainly not good when alternating between blue and red pieces, and when I put both kinds in my mouth at once, it was even worse. Did the folks who made these think this one through at all? It's as if they were born yesterday, which is to say, Just Born.

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Smell test: Not much.

From the package: “with Classic Hot Tamales” ... “Chewy Cinnamon and Cool Mint Flavored Candies” ... “110 calories per serving” ... “4.5 servings per package” ... “Get Fired Up® and Cool It Down with Hot Tamales Fire & Ice! With America's #1 Cinnamon & Cool Mint flavored candies! Two different flavors inside one box!”

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Company: Just Born Inc.

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