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Hershey's Brownies 'n' Chocolate

Hershey's Brownies 'n' Chocolate

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Taste test: This candy bar had a 3x4 grid of rectangular sections, each bearing the Hershey's logo, with a very minimal indentation between the sections.

The bar had a light brown chocolate color with some small, very dark brown or even black brownie pieces embedded inside. The consistency of those pieces didn't seem to be much different from the rest of the bar, as I couldn't feel them in my mouth as being any softer or harder than the surrounding chocolate. The taste was pretty good and definitely different than a regular Hershey's bar, and did have sort of a brownie-like flavor. The thing is, it's the texture that makes the brownie, ideally with a crisp outside and soft inside, but in this case there was no brownie texture to speak of, so it just didn't have any of the great feeling of eating a good brownie.

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Smell test: Mostly the usual Hershey's chocolate smell, but it did smell kind of like a brownie.

From the package: “Creamy Milk Chocolate with Brownie Morsels” ... “Allergy Information: Manufactured on the same equipment that processes peanuts/tree nuts.”

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Company: Hershey

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Hershey's Visitors Center, Oakdale, California. Review published .

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