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Good & Fiery

Good & Fiery

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Taste test: As soon as I spotted this package, I could tell it was supposed to be the hot sauce version of Good & Plenty (or possibly Good & Fruity). It contained candy pieces somewhat smaller the Good & Plenty and Hot Tamales, in four flavors — lemon, orange, apple and cinnamon. The confusing thing was that the cinnamon ones and the apple ones were both red, and their colors were close enough that it wasn't obvious at first which was which. After some analysis, I figured out that the darker red ones were the cinnamon ones. The apple ones really did taste like apple at first, and they moved to a bit of a spicy cinnamon in the aftertaste. The yellow ones didn't taste much like lemon, or even a whole lot like lemon candy to me, as somehow the cinnamon kicked in even quicker and swept away any possible lemon taste. The orange ones tasted like simulated orange or orange candy, and once the cinnamon kicked in, they just tasted gross. The cinnamon ones tasted good, with a similar taste to Hot Tamales, but not quite the same. They had a fairly strong kick, with a less waxy feel than Hot Tamales.

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Other than extracting the cinnamon ones and eating just those, I couldn't find any redeeming value in this box of candy. I like fruit candy, and I also like hot cinnamon candy. But I'm not sure why anyone would want to mix the two together. It certainly didn't work well in this case.

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Smell test: Barely any. Just the slightest cinnamon candy smell.

From the package: “Sweet & Spicy Chewy Candy” ... “Artificially Flavored”

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Company: Hershey

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at White Hen Pantry, Main Street, Hyannis. Review published .

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