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Godiva Milk Chocolate Crispy Crunch

Godiva Milk Chocolate Crispy Crunch

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Taste test: By all appearances on the package, this was supposed to be the Godiva version of the Nestle Crunch bar, which was kind of surprising, as that seems a little bit lowbrow for Godiva.

The packaging for this large bar was certainly fancier, as it consisted of a cardboard sleeve surrounding a gold (color, anyway) foil wrapper. The bar was fairly thin and unlike the all-one-section Nestle Crunch, it had a 2x5 section grid, with alternating large sections bearing either the Godiva logo or their alternate logo of a naked Lady Godiva riding a horse. The crisp rice pieces were fairly small and seemed to be all lined up along the bottom of the bar. The chocolate tasted good, with just a mild crunch in most bites. Less crunchy than a Nestle Crunch, but the chocolate did seem to be a little bit smoother.

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Smell test: Good rich milk chocolate smell.

From the package: “The ultimate crunchy chocolate experience – Godiva's signature smooth Belgian milk chocolate rolled with light crisped rice for the perfect crispy crunch. For over 80 years, our passion for perfection in all things chocolate has guided us on a wonderful epicurean adventure. Every Godiva chocolate experience is a journey in decadent delight and represents our commitment to craftsmanship and exceptional quality.” ... “Product of Germany”

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Company: Godiva Chocolatier Inc.

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