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Gimbal's Harvest Mix

Gimbal's Harvest Mix

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Taste test: This bag contained seven different flavors of jelly beans, and although the flavors were listed on the back, it didn't include a color key. That made our first task figuring our which colors were which flavors.

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The orange ones were pretty obviously Pumpkin Pie, with a bit of spice mixed into the pumpkin, very good. The red ones seemed only remotely apple-like on the first bite, but a bit of chewing brought out a very good Red Delicious flavor. The yellow ones with orange spots were definitely Peach Cobbler, with a fairly mild peach flavor. The sort of lavenderish ones were probably Harvest Berry, but we couldn't really notice any specific kinds of berries in the taste. The off-white ones with brownish spots were obviously supposed to be Roasted Marshmallow, but they really weren't all that good.

The other three kinds weren't so obvious, so we're mostly guessing here. The light blueish purple ones (with last some orange and dark blue spots) were kind of a mystery, but our best guess was Goblin Punch (whatever that is). The light purple ones were probably Goblin Punch. The dark purple ones were maybe Harvest Berry.

Not great, but a pretty good mix overall.

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Smell test: Mildly fruity.

From the package: “7 flavors” ... “Made with real fruit juice” ... “As the days grow shorter and a chill fills the air, we naturally celebrate tome honored traditions with friends and family. During this special Season, Gimbal's Harvest Mix brings pleasure — pure and simple. A bountiful feast created with Real Fruit Juice, these seven Harvest inspired flavors satisfy through and through. Enjoy!”

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Company: Gimbal's Fine Candies

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