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Farr's Idaho Huckleberry Cordial

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Farr's Idaho Huckleberry Cordial

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Taste test: This large Cordial was sort of dome-shaped, but kind of lumpy and irregular, with a mostly milk chocolate-looking exterior that also had many bits of crushed peanuts visible.

I bit in to find that the interior looked a lot like the exterior, again a mix of chocolate and crushed peanuts, with a fairly soft feel. It tasted good, yet the huckleberry seemed to be absent. But then I bit in some more to find that the center was something else entirely — kind of a light lavender-colored thing with a much more solid feel and a hollow interior. And a huckleberry taste! The core was clearly sugar-based, but it was not overly sweet, with a good huckleberry flavor. The contrast in texture between the core and the outer areas was a bit jarring, but I still enjoyed the tastes of both parts.

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Smell test: Nice sweet berry smell.

From the package: “Made in USA” ... “ingredients: peanuts, Sugar, corn syrup, natural huckleberry flavor, egg whites, Vegetable, Oil, Nonfat milk, Cocoa, lecithin, Salt, Huckleberry certified color.”

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Company: Farr Candy Co.

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