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Dillon's Gourmet Peanut Roll

Dillon's Gourmet Peanut Roll

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Taste test: This bar had a roundish profile (the bottom was flat) and lots of whole and halved peanuts lining its exterior, with some sort of caramel-colored substance in between the nuts.

I bit in to find that essentially all of the nuts in the bar were visible from the outside, and that the caramel between them was actually a thin layer enclosing a white nougat center. The center had a soft feel and added some good sweetness. Obviously this one's only for peanut lovers, but if you like peanuts, you can get lots of them here. It was somewhat messy to eat, with bit of nuts flying off when biting in, but less messy than some similar bars lacking a soft center.

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Smell test: Strong roasted peanut smell.

From the package: “Fluffy Nougat Center” ... “Manufactured with equipment which also manufacturers products containing milk, eggs, peanuts, pecans, cashews, almonds, other tree nuts, and soy. May contain these allergens.” ... “May contain shell pieces.”

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Company: Dillon Candy Company

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Nancy's Candy Co. factory, Meadows of Dan, Virginia. Review published .

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