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Choxie Mocha Twisted Truffles

Choxie Mocha Twisted Truffles

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Taste test: I'm not sure why Choxie called these "twisted" but they might have been referring to the wrappers around each individual piece, which were twisted at each end to hold them on.

Something else twisted about the packaging was the 1-inch-high false bottom cardboard insert, which made it look like the 3-3/4-inch high hexagonal package held more chocolate than it actually did. Anyway, inside each of those twisted wrappers was a ball-shaped truffle with a milk chocolate outside and a much darker-colored truffle filling. This brings up another problem with the packaging, which was that it showed a cut-away view of a truffle, and in that picture, both the filling and the coating had a similar milk chocolate type of color, not the vast contrast of colors that the actual candy had. Getting back to the truffles, they tasted pretty good, but it didn't really seem like a mocha taste. It didn't taste like just chocolate, but it really didn't taste much like coffee either.

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Smell test: More like a chocolate liqueur than like mocha.

From the package: “exquisitely creamy truffles made from fresh-brewed coffee and the finest milk chocolate” ... “there's chocolate and then there's choxie. crafted with the finest ingredients, it's intended for the most sophisticated of chocolate palates. we suggest you keep it hidden from mere amateurs, and keep your choxie for yourself.”

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Company: Target Brands Inc.

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