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Choco Flavor Homerun Ball

Choco Flavor Homerun Ball

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Taste test: These small, baseball-themed snacks from Korea had sort of a pastry-like exterior and little bit of chocolate filling.

I was expecting the texture to be like chocolate chip cookies, but it had a lighter, softer, less dense feel. The closest thing it reminded me of was Passover soup nuts. Most of our tasters were a bit mystified by the whole concept before trying them, but most ended up liking the taste, though a few found it to be weird or bad, mostly citing the taste or texture of the outer part and not the chocolate.

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Smell test: Smells like chocolate chip cookies.

From the package: “Premium” ... “cocoa powder 3%” ... “Product of Korea”

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Company: Haitai Confectionery & Foods Ltd. (Korea)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at H Mart, Cambridge/Burlington, Massachusetts. Review published .

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