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Butlers Caramel Crunch

Butlers Caramel Crunch

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Taste test: This chocolate bar was quite thick and had six sections, with a deep ridge between sections, but the ridge was not deep enough, as the sections did not break off cleanly. The bad break was a bigger problem than with most bars, because inside each section was a cavity filled with somewhat liquidy caramel, and that cavity got breached consistently when breaking sections off. The flowing caramel made it bit messy.

Mess aside, the taste was really good, with lots of rich chocolate and caramel. I couldn't specifically taste the promised hazelnut, but I could feel an occasional slight crunch from it.

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Smell test: Very nice mix of chocolate and and caramel, with hints of nuts too.

From the package: “Purveyors of happiness” ... “Milk chocolate with caramel and crunchy hazelnut pieces” ... “Product of Ireland”

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Company: Butlers Chocolates (Ireland)

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Lucky Shamrock, Quincy, Massachusetts. Review published .

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