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Ricolino Bubulubu Darle Un Beso Sabor Fresa

Ricolino Bubulubu Darle Un Beso Sabor Fresa

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Taste test: This candy from Mexico had a shape unlike any other candy bar that we've reviewed, as it was basically four conjoined circles, each about an inch in diameter, lined up. The outside was all chocolate, with gradually sloping edges and a flat bottom.

I bit in to find a soft feel and a nice mix of strawberry and chocolate. The profile of the bar revealed a white marshmallow interior bottom and red strawberry jelly top. There wasn't a whole lot of marshmallow flavor, and the marshmallow didn't add any major sponginess to the texture. The mix of flavors and soft feel was quite good. Sweetened strawberry was the dominant flavor, and the thin chocolate coating mixed well with it.

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Smell test: Mildly fruity chocolate smell.

From the package: “Jalea sabor fresa, malvavisco y cobertura sabor chocolate”

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Company: Barcel Mexico, S.A. (Mexico)

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This snack was discovered by Oscar Enrique Corripio in Mexico. Review published .

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