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Black Cow Chocolate Caramel

Black Cow Chocolate Caramel

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Taste test: This looked at first glance like a candy bar, but upon peeling open the wrapper (which was quite stuck to the bar), the word "bar" seemed to barely apply, as this one was so completely flexible it didn't seem like a bar.

Not just bendable if you really try (or put it in the microwave, like Annabelle's Big Hunk) but easily bendable even if you hardly try at all. It was basically a thin, chocolate-colored strip of chewy (though not melty) chocolate and caramel, and it tasted great, with lot of chocolate-laced caramel, without being overly sweet. It was chewy enough that you could bite off a big piece and chew it like gum for a while until it dissolved. Great!

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Smell test: Very subtle hint of caramel.

From the package: “Big value! 20% more!”

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Company: Classic Caramel

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This snack was discovered at Sweets & Snacks Expo, Chicago. Review published .

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