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Big Hunk

Big Hunk

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Taste test: This thin, long candy bar consisted of hardened white nougat with peanuts randomly embedded inside. Kind of like Annabelle's Abba-Zabba bar, except with peanuts instead of peanut butter. Some of the peanuts were fully enclosed in the nougat, but others jutted out, with a few breaking off as I opened the wrapper. The nougat was not the least bit chewy at first, as you could only break off a piece with a hard crack. It softened up slowly in the mouth and became very chewy and extremely tasty, as it seemed to generate heat as I chewed.

For about half the bar, I tried following the microwave instructions on the back to soften things up. I ended up cooking it for a lot longer than the instructions said (4 seconds, then 5, then 5 more, then 5 more for a total 19 seconds for less than half the bar) and it did soften it up just slightly. By the time I was halfway done with that half of the bar, it was starting to harden up again. This was an extremely tasty bar, just delicious.

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Smell test: Nice peanutty nougat smell.

From the package: “Teriffic Chewy Nougat with Peanuts” ... “Low Fat” ... “Cure for the Snack Attack! • Place bar firmly in one hand • Then ... SMACK! your BIG HUNK on a hard surface • Happily eat your bite-size pieces. Or ... For a Soft Chewy Treat • Place your BIG HUNK in the Microwave • Heat for approximately 5-10 seconds (microwave strengths may vary) • carefully eat your Super Soft Chewy Snack! Note: Adult supervision is required”

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Company: Annabelle Candy Co., Inc.

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy in Williams, Arizona. Review published .

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