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Bauducco Selects Wafer Chocolate Hazelnut

Bauducco Selects Wafer Chocolate Hazelnut

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Taste test: This package contained two sheets of 10 detachable wafers, with each piece containing three wafer layers surrounding two chocolate-hazelnut creme layers. Chocolate-flavored wafers are ubiquitous, so the promise of hazelnut mixed in with the chocolate seemed like a nice plus.

We opened the package to find the usual messiness that comes with this type of wafer — there's just a whole lot of wafer dust, before and after you start breaking off pieces. We couldn't avoid the dust, but we did enjoy the snack that came along with it. The wafers had a very light feel, and taste was mostly chocolate, with a good hint of hazelnut mixed in. Our snackers were big fans.

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Smell test: Nice mild hazelnut smell.

From the package: “Chocolate wafer filled with chocolate with hazelnut flavored cream” ... “Prepared following one of our original recipes, the Bauducco wafer is light, crispy and melts in your mouth at each bite. It's carefully prepared combining the thin light crispy shell with a delicate creamy filling. Enjoy! The Bauducco Family”

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Company: Pandurata Alimentos Ltda. (Brazil)

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