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4D Gummy Block Shaped

4D Gummy Block Shaped

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Taste test: The Lego brand wasn't mentioned anywhere on this box, but it was pretty clear that the idea was to make Legos in gummy form. The 20 bricks had shapes mirroring the 3x2, 2x2 and 1x2 types of Legos, in transparent orange, yellow, blue, green and red. The bricks came in a bag within the box that looked a whole lot like one of the several clear bags of Legos that come in a typical Lego set. (Oddly, it had the notice "This unit not labeled for retail sale." on it, which is usually seen on individual units in a food multipack, but there was only one bag in the box.)

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I grabbed some of the corresponding pieces from my Lego collection to compare sizes and found that the gummies were noticeably larger. Although the gummy bricks looked a whole lot like Legos from above, the bottoms had a very different configuration than actual Legos, with just recessed areas corresponding to the bumps rather than what actual Lego bottoms look like. Also, the pieces had a bit of a greasy feel, more so than your typical gummies.

Because of the different dimensions of the gummies and Legos, there's no hope of building something with both kinds interlocking. But beyond that, the gummy bricks didn't work particularly well for for building things. The quality was spotty, as the shapes were a bit inconsistent, not quite rectangular in many cases, and even for the better pieces, the nature of the material was such that there was no grip strength at all, so everything needed to be very vertically oriented, with overhanging pieces leaning over and falling off. I was able to build some simple things, but even then things would fall apart with just the smallest jolt from an errant finger. If you hoped to buy a bunch of boxes to build something complex, it just seems unrealistic from a structural engineering perspective.

I bit into a piece to find that it was soft and bendable but not easy to bite into, as it took a bunch of chewing to start to break things down. There didn't seem to be a different flavor per color, and no particular fruit came to mind from the flavor. It was not awful for taste, but definitely some steps below the major gummy brands. Still, a fun thing to play around with if you like Legos.

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Smell test: Below-average gummy smell.

From the package: “3D + Delicious” ... “Gluten Free” ... “Build Your Sweet Art!” ... “Share. Play & Delicious” ... “Made in China”

Online store: Buy snacks on Amazon #ad

Company: Greenbrier International, Inc.

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This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Dollar Tree. Review published .

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