Best Snack Names

5. Jack 'n Jill Chiz Curls

Jack 'n Jill Chiz Curls

Why: Always makes me laugh when I see this bag!


4. Scandinavian Swimmers

Scandinavian Swimmers

Why: Lots of snacks are blatant knockoffs, and these clearly borrowed from Swedish Fish, but at least they didn’t try to hide from it with this fun name.


3. Spudmaster ColossalChips

Spudmaster ColossalChips

Why: I don’t think they make these anymore, but that failure surely can’t be because of the name!


2. Munchmallow


Why: The one from Serbia makes me want to munch right in!


1. Baconzitos


Why: It just rolls off the tongue. You'd think that nobody could possibly come up with a snack name that's better than bacon itself — but they did!


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