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Boyer's Extra Hot Beer Bar-B-Q Chips

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Taste: These chips are quite hot. It's a delayed heat — you don't notice it at first, but it kicks in after a couple of seconds and packs quite a punch. The heat grows slightly stronger as you continue to chew, and then it lingers for quite a while. I would definitely recommend having a cold beverage handy when you try these. The chips are (for the most part) narrow-rippled chips, which distinguishes them from Boyer's non-"Extra Hot" version of these, which had wide ripples. (However, even in this bag there were a few wider-rippled chips.)

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Aroma: Good, strong barbecue chips smell, though not really a hot smell.

Boyer's Extra Hot Beer Bar-B-Q Chips

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Boyer's Potato Chips

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From the package

"Red Hot" ... "Extra Hot" ... ingredients include Beer Seasoning, Vegetable Protein Spices, Vegetable Powdered Hops and Smoked Flavor ... "Extra Hot Cayenne Powder Added for Extra Hot Chips"

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