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Phileas Fogg Punjab Puri

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Taste: These are good chips. They're tasty and slightly spicy but not hot. They have sort of the shape and consistency of Tato Skins (but these are smaller), and an Indian Punjab taste

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Aroma: Smells like Indian food.

Phileas Fogg Punjab Puri

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Phileas Fogg

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From the package

"To meet the high standard that you rightly demand, all my products are free from artificial flavours and I use only the finest ingredients. These punjab puris are made with sun-ripened maize and other cereals, lightly fried in the finest vegetable oil, and then flavoured with authentic Indian spices." ... "Deepest Bengal, 1st June — Dear Diary, Calcutta is only two-day's journey and we are indded fortunate to be traveling with the great Colonel Feathersque, formerly attached to the 5th Bengal Lancers and, presumably, his missing right leg. The colonel has proved to be the most entertaining, recounting (several times) the tale of his savage encounter with the Bengal tiger ..."

This snack was discovered by Keith and Melissa in London. Review published .

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