Golden Wonder Smokey Bacon Flavour Crisps

Golden Wonder Smokey Bacon Flavour Crisps

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Taste: A pretty good crunch, the bacon flavor isn't too strong, and you get a lot of crisps in such a small bag. The crisp isn't too oily, although there is some residue (either flavoring or potato bits) that will run off on your finger. The bacon flavor is strongest if you eat a handful of chips in one bite.

Aroma: A pretty good bacony aroma permeates the nose.

Manufacturer: Golden Wonder Ltd. (United Kingdom)

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From the package: "Now we have new and improved flavours that give you the best taste experience ever. Just taste the initial flavour hit then savour the smooth, balanced flavour sensation. We ensure that we have the best golden colour crisps and we gently protect them in air cushioned bags to minimise breakage. To keep them fresher than ever, we now pack our crisps in unique Ultrafoil film to lock in maximum freshness."

This snack was discovered by Keith and Melissa in London.

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