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Mama Zuma's Revenge Habanero Potato Chips

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Taste: They've got the consistency of Cape Cod chips. There's a sweetness to it, and some pretty good heat, but still not the hottest we've tried. The heat hits you after a while, it's not immediate.

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Aroma: There's a hint of heat in the smell, otherwise they smell like potato chips.

Mama Zuma's Revenge Habanero Potato Chips

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Route 11 Potato Chips

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From the package

"Get too close to Mama Zuma and you will get burned. This woman is determined to scorch everyone in her path. Mama Zuma's weapons are the hottest jalapeƱo peppers this side of the Rio Grange. Since she lost the love of her life in a bizarre and tragic accident, Mama Zuma has been hell bent on burning every mouth she kisses with her special brand of passion." ... "WARNING: These chips are made with some of the hottest peppers on the planet."

Trivia: Ingredients are listed in French and English ... No MSG

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