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Sterzing's Potato Chips

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Taste: These are the strangest "regular" potato chips I've tasted in a while. Definitely a different tasting potato chip, they're a bit greasy and not very salty. After trying them, some of our testers said it reminded them of French Fries, but others said they tasted like KFC batter. We also tried them with the Sour Cream & Onion Dip, which also enhanced the KFC-type taste. If you closed your eyes and pictured yourself eating a KFC drumstick while eating these chips, the picture would be complete. But still, most of our testers enjoyed the chips and dip enough to clear out a bag.

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Aroma: Take a deep whiff of these and you'll swear they smell like fresh french fries. A second whiff and you realize that it smells like a deep fryer.

Sterzing's Potato Chips

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Sterzing Food Company

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From the package

"Sterzing's Potato Chips are made from selected potatos, a blend of partially hydrogenated soybean oil, and salt added."

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