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Kay & Ray's Regular Bar-B-Q Potato Chips

Taste: Not a big winner with our tasting panel. One person lauded the BBQ flavor, but he and another panelist noted that the chips were a little on the sweet side. Others were less kind, with one saying that the chips had more crunch than taste and two more detecting a chemical-like flavor. Said one: "It's sort of like they painted on the taste. Doesn't feel real."

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Martin's Famous Pastry Shoppe, Inc.

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From the package

Dick-and-Jane style drawing of a boy and girl eating potato chips above this slogan: "Gee! They're delicious!" Strangely, the bags they're holding are generically labeled "Potato chips" instead of using the Kay & Ray's name. On the back, the text includes this paragraph: "Our chips are still made the old fashioned way. This original method of 'slow' cooking produces a crunchier potato chip with that homemade taste."

This snack was discovered by Craig.

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