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Maui Specialty Home Style Cooking Potato Chips

Taste: We at first thought these chips were going to be extremely greasy because they come in a mostly clear bag that was drenched with oil on the inside. But that just goes to show you why most chip manufacturers don't use clear bags. The chips themselves turned out to be no greasier than most and were downright delicious, featuring an authentic potato taste and a hearty, satisfying crunch.

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From the package

In addition to the novelty of the see-through bag, it also features a map of Maui and a "Made in Maui, Hawaii" label. Interestingly, the ingredients are prominently listed on the front of the bag. Even more interestingly, the bag doesn't include a "Nutrition Facts" chart. You'd think that the FDA's authority over nutritional labeling would extend as far as Hawaii.

This snack was discovered by Craig.

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