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Nalley Dippers Salt and Simulated Vinegar Potato Chips

Nalley Dippers Salt and Simulated Vinegar Potato Chips

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Taste test: This was the first ruffled vinegar chip we'd seen (thought we've seen quite a few since) — it's a wavy rippled cut, not a tight ripple. They have a stronger-than-average vinegar taste. Quite a good crunch, thanks to the wavy ripple.

Aroma: Average-level vinegar smell .

Manufacturer: Snakcorp Inc.

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From the package: "Introducing Nalley Dippers, the fershest tasting chip to ever come out of a bag." ... "Now even fresher tasting!" ... "Snacking just got better!" ... "Authentic Piccadilly Flavor" ... "Nalley Dippers Secret: We start with the best chipping potatoes grown fresh in The Pacific Northwest, ripple-cut them for maximumflavor, and cook them in Sun-Canola Oil. Nalley's Sun-Canola Oil is low insaturated fats and gives Nalley Dippers an ever fresher taste. Our new multi-layer bag was specially designed for Nalley's to ensure freshness everyt time." ... it actually says "Salt and [in tiny letters] simulated Vinegar"

Trivia: Bag is printed in Canada; chips are made in USA.

This snack was discovered by Keith and Melissa in Las Vegas.

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