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Julienne Potato Stix Salt & Vinegar

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Taste: Pretty good vinegar taste, not too strong, not too mild. The "stix" look like French fries, and they have a nice texture to them. Definitely addicting, you'll eat more than one handful of these.

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Aroma: A light vinegary smell.

Julienne Potato Stix Salt & Vinegar

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From the package

"Are French Fries really French? The French call them 'frites' and really do serve them with abundance as a complement to Bistro fare, including 'steak au poivre,' roasted chicken and even omelets. Mustard is the favorite condiment with French fries in France. In Belgium, where real fries possibly rank highest in national esteem, they are served generously with the traditional 'moules frites' and also as a popular snack with a selection of fancy sauses, including the most popular: mayonnaise. Meanwhile, the British favor their 'fish & chips' (which are really thick cut steak fries) with salt & vinegar. Americans (in case you didn't notice) really enjoy them with a sweet genre tomato sauce, originally discovered in China: ketchup. This last combination, you'll agree is sometimes hard to resist."

This snack was discovered by Keith at Star Market, Stow, Massachusetts.

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