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Rocky Mountain Dill Pickle Potato Chips

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Taste: These are pretty good chips. They're thick and very crunchy kettle-style chips with a light pickle taste. If you're looking for tons of pickle flavor, there are other chips that have it, but these are the crunchiest pickle chips I've had.

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Aroma: Mild pickle aroma.

Rocky Mountain Dill Pickle Potato Chips

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Rocky Mountain Snacks

From the package

"Welcome to Rocky Mountain Snacks! you'll find our potato chips to be unique ... a cut above the rest! Our story begins as whole potatoes arrive in our kitchen and are inspected, washed and peeled. The potatoes are sliced thick directly into our kettles and are cooked in small batches. There are no hydrogenated oils or animal fats in our snacks. We select those pure vegetable oils lower in saturated fat. Our seasoning blends are custom-made and must meet Rocky Mountain's standards for totally natural ingredients. Hold the dip! Our potato chips are bursting with flavor, so there's no need for a high-calorie dip. Rocky Mountain Snacks is proud to provide your family with a better snacking alternative without sacrificing taste. We hope you will try all of our natural and organic snacks made from the goodness of God's creation."

This snack was discovered by Mike, our Colorado bureau chief in Colorado.

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