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Krunchers Kettle Cooked Potato Chips Hot Buffalo Wing

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Taste: These potato chips were thick cut and wiggly, with bits of skin around the edges and a fairly bright orange seasoning powder covering much of their surfaces. I crunched into the first chip to find a good crispness and great crunch, and I immediately noticed the unmistakable Buffalo wing flavor, as it tasted as much like real Buffalo wing sauce as any of the many chips we've tried that claimed to do this. The flavoring was intense, plus fairly hot, so these chips were top notch.

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Aroma: Sort of a vinegar zing.

Krunchers Kettle Cooked Potato Chips Hot Buffalo Wing

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From the package

"Welcome to Krunchers!® A kettle chip breakthrough that explodes with great flavor and krunchy texture. That's because we hand-pick premium potatoes, slice them to the ideal thickness and season them with the finest spices available. The result is that chip lovers say Krunchers!® are better than their regular snack chips."

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