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Humpty Dumpty St. Hubert Bar-B-Q Chips

Humpty Dumpty St. Hubert Bar-B-Q Chips

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Taste test: These are really good barbecue chips. They're quite tasty at first, with a mixture of sweet barbecue and mild spices, and then they've got an aftertaste with just enough kick so that you can remember what you just ate for a while.

Aroma: These have a real nice, sweet and spicy barbecue smell. Very barbecuey.

Manufacturer: Humpty Dumpty Potato Chip Co. (Canada)

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From the package: "Humpty Dumpty makes sure its chips are thinly sliced and bursting with natural potato taste, giving you 'the perfect flavour every time'. Keep your eyes open for new flavours at your local store — you'll never know when we add another! After all, when it comes to potato chips, Humpty Dumpty is the Flavour King!"

Trivia: St. Hubert is a chain of chicken restaurants in Canada, a country known locally as "Canadia"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy in Canada.

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