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Cheez-it Pasteurized Cheese Snack (spray can)

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Taste: This extension to the popular Cheez-It line of snack products takes the Cheez-It concept to the world of spreadable cheese served from an aerosol can. Not being a frequent (or ever) purchaser of sprayable cheese products, it took me a while to figure out how to make cheese come out of the can. It turned out that you really have to push the tip fairly hard to get it started. I sprayed some onto some crackers, and the cheese taste was pretty good, with a good light cheddar taste. It didn't really taste the same as Cheez-Its at first, but the aftertaste seemed remotely similar. The can says it contains 7 servings, but if you're not planning to use it all at once, beware that the cheese in the upper stem beneath the tip tends to dry out and clog the mechanism with solid cheese. It can take some work to unclog it. Part of the unclogging process (after jamming a fork in to dislodge some cheese, and then running it under a sink) was to let the aerosol force unclog it, which resulted in some loud booms as the cheese broke loose.

This product probably won't overtake the Cheez-It crackers in sales, but anything that eases the delivery of cheese into the body is a good thing in my book. I am figuring that the next step after this will be the Cheez-It IV bag, allowing the many nutrients in Cheez-It to enter the bloodstream directly.

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Aroma: Good cheddar smell.

Cheez-it Pasteurized Cheese Snack (spray can)

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From the package

"Made with real cheddar cheese" ... "Directions: To open, remove pull tab from the tamper evident cap. Remove cap. For best results, hold application tip close to food, press tip firmly, and move slowly across food surface."

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Ocean State Job Lot. Review published .

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