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Cuttlefish Flavored Snack

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Taste: Most people who were brave enough to try these said that they were awful, but really, they aren't that bad. They're kind of like Bugles in shape and consistency, and they don't have too strong of a flavor. Nongshim has updated the coloration of these, so that each side of the snack is now a different color (similar to the colors shown on the bag, except that the pink is much less pronounced on the actual snacks than it is in the picture). It's kind of cool that that figured out a way to make the two sides of the snack different colors.

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Aroma: Just horrible. Don't smell them, just taste them.

Cuttlefish Flavored Snack

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Nongshim Co. Ltd. (Korea)

From the package

These actually do contain cuttlefish. It's the fourth ingredient, right after corn starch.

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at East & West Grocery, Framingham, Massachusetts.

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