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360's Cheddar

360's Cheddar

Taste: If you're a fan of Combos (the pretzel and cheese variety), you'll end up enjoying this snack. Instead of pretzel on the outside and cheese on the inside, this snack reversed it, putting a layer of cheese on the outside of a tiny pretzel ball. I probably don't want to know how they got the cheese to stay so uniform on the outside of a sphere, but that doesn't really matter because the cheese and pretzel combination worked well. If you can't find Combos anywhere and you see these instead, check them out because they taste pretty much the same. You can even do the thing where you eat the cheese off first before biting into the pretzel — and it's easier to do with 360's than trying to suck the cheese out of the inside of a Combo.

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Aroma: Smells like Cheez Whiz-style cheese.

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