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360's Jalapeno

360's Jalapeno

Taste: 360's are pretzel balls coated with cheese, kind of like they took the Combos concept and reversed it by putting the cheese on the outside. The balls in this container varied a bit in size, but they averaged about half an inch in diameter. The cheese coating was soft but not melt-in-your-hand soft, and upon biting in, there was a good crunch when the teeth made contact with the inner pretzel ball. Most of our tasters liked them a lot, praising the crunch and taste. The cheddar definitely had some jalapeno in it, though not a particularly sharp jalapeno flavor. It did leave behind a hot jalapeno aftertaste. A few of our tasters thought that the cheese was too artificial-tasting.

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Aroma: Strong smell, a bit like jalapeno and cheddar, a bid odd.

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"360° of cheese-covered pretzel action" ... "Manufactured in a peanut-free facility" ... "Will Melt: Keep At Room Temperature" ... "0g Trans Fat"

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