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Kettle Chips Royal Indian Curry

Kettle Chips Royal Indian Curry

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Taste test: These wide-rippled, kettle-cooked chips (one of the five varieties in Kettle's People's Choice 2007 promotion) were thick and ranged from very crunchy to quite crunchy, with good crispness, for an excellent overall texture. They had a strong curry flavor with a somewhat hot aftertaste, neither the hottest nor the strongest curry flavor we've tried, but probably the one that tasted most like you're eating actual curry at an Indian restaurant. Our tasters liked these a lot. When we put these chips down on a white napkin, the flavoring left light yellowish green residue everywhere that the chip touched the napkin.

Aroma: Good fresh curry smell.

Manufacturer: Kettle Foods

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From the package: "A natural obsession™" ... "good KARMA" ... "5oz/142g" ... "Come on a curry excursion. Full-bodied and warm, this curry chip will flood your senses with the flavors of India. Meditate on this swirling monsoon of spices and transcend the paradox of yellow tumeric with mildly sweet coconut, cayenne and cardamom, mustard and allspice, cinnamon and onion, ginger and garlic. We know the inward journey is what counts in life, but we can't help but be obsessed with the flavor journey that leads us to inspirations such as these. Om. All aboard!"

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