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Pinnacle Gold Original Flavor Potato Chips Healthy Lifestyle Snack

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Taste: This was one of the more entertaining chip bags I've seen in a while. The bag design was a blatant ripoff of Baked Lay's, and there were more enthusiastic nutritional claims backed by exclamation points than I've seen in a long time. Upon opening the bag, it was clear that these were not actually potato chips, but rather crisps, with a shape similar to rice cakes. The taste seemed a bit bland at first, but there was some nice potato flavor when I took a second one. Our tasters enjoyed these a lot and quickly ate their way through the bag.

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Aroma: Barely any. Just the slightest potato smell.

Pinnacle Gold Original Flavor Potato Chips Healthy Lifestyle Snack

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From the package

"Gluten Free Product" ... "Great taste smart style snack" ... "• Low Fat 1.5g • 0g Trans Fat • No Cholesterol • Reduced Sodium • Nothing Artificial • Wheat Free " ... "Fresh Potato Taste!" ... "You'll LOVE IT!!!" ... "100% Delicious!!"

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Ocean State Job Lot. Review published .

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