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O'Keely's Cheddar & Bacon Potato Skins Potato Crisps

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Taste: The life of a chip-hunter is frought with danger. Well, not really. However, the hunt for new snacks never ends, whether the chip hunter is on vacation in London, in an airport food court, or, in this case, when his wife is about to give birth to their first daughter. Lo and behold, in the "nourishment station" at the hospital, there was a vending machine where I spotted these O'Keely's. Imagine a Muncho without the salt, and replace with cheddar and bacon flavor, and you'd get a sense of what these tasted like. There was much more bacon flavor than cheddar, in fact after eating a few of these, the smoky bacon taste overpowered everything else and left a slight bacony spice kick in the mouth. Overall I enjoyed these, especially while waiting for the baby to be born.

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Aroma: Smells like bacon.

O'Keely's Cheddar & Bacon Potato Skins Potato Crisps

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From the package

"Contains Milk Ingredients"

This snack was discovered by Keith at UMass Memorial Hospital, Worcester. Review published .

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