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Antique Potato Chips

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Note: This snack has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Taste: These kettle chips were thinly cut so you could sort of see through them (sort of a bubble effect). They were a little bit less salty than Cape Cod's excellent kettle chips, but they tasted just as good. The funny part about these chips is that they're made by Robert's American Gourmet, so you'll find them alongside the Pirate's Booty and Veggie Booty and other "healthier" snacks, but there's nothing in them that would imply "healthy snack" (8g of fat and 150 calories per serving).

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Aroma: They smell a little stale, almost moth-bally.

Antique Potato Chips

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From the package

"Authentic 1895 recipe and method, these Antique Potato Chips bring the past to the present. Antique Potato Chips are made in small batches by hand, cooled by ice water, and transferred by antique buckets to big black kettles. Antique Field Potatoes are chilled in ice cold tubs for a long preiod, then the Antique Field Potatoes are cooked at a very low temperature to cause curling. Curling makes the chips much more desirable and very unique. Antiques fill the area around production to replicate the atmosphere of 1895."

This snack was discovered by Keith at Shaw's in Worcester, Massachusetts. Review published .

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