Arnott's Tasty Jacks Seasoned Roast Potato Original Crinkle Cut Potato Chips

Arnott's Tasty Jacks Seasoned Roast Potato Original Crinkle Cut Potato Chips

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Taste: These are a new line of chips from Arnott's. They reminded me a lot of the much-missed Ruffles chips in Australia many years ago. While they were a good, crunchy, crinkle cut chip, they were nothing spectacular. I would definitely eat them again, but I wouldn’t be rushing out. The whole seasoned roast potato flavor just translated to plain, salted chips.

Aroma: Salty aroma

Manufacturer: Arnotts Snackfoods (Australia)

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From the package: "Why are Arnott's Tasty Jacks so tasty? Because we insist on the highest quality potatoes, grown on Australian farms, for that real potato taste. And we have a unique range of special seasonings created to deliver tastier flavours than ever before. We cut them differently with deeper ridges for extra crunchiness. And finally, each and every pack of Tasty Jacks are foil sealed for freshness. Because Arnott's know [sic] what Australians love."

This snack was discovered by Mairéad Doolan in Australia. Review published .

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