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Laura Scudder's Salt & Pepper Classic Potato Chips

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Taste: These chips had more of a pepper taste rather than a "salt and pepper" taste, as the pepper overpowered any other flavors. We generally like the Laura Scudder chips for their thin cut and crunchiness, and the chips didn't disappoint here. The only thing that did disappoint us was the overabundance of pepper instead of the balance of the salt and pepper.

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Aroma: A really disgusting odor, with a slight pepper smell.

Laura Scudder's Salt & Pepper Classic Potato Chips

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From the package

"Chapter 5: Who would have guessed back in 1926 that a mother of four and a former nurse in her forties named Laura Scudder would revolutionize the potato chip industry? Beginning with her first potato chip shop in Monterey Park, California, Laura Scudder continually strived for increased product excellence. From that humble beginning, Laura Scudder's has remained one of America's most passionate snack producers. In addition to her many achievements, Laura Scudder was one of the first women to put on cooking demonstrations at department stores. She also hosted her own cooking show on radio and took out ads in local newspapers entitled 'The Romance of Food' where she shared recipes and nutritional information on her favorite foods. To Laura Scudder, food was more than just her business; it was her passion!"

This snack was discovered by Keith and Melissa at Albertson's. Review published .

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