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Laura Scudder's Sweet Maui Onion Classic Potato Chips

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Taste: These chips were very good, especially if you like onion-flavored chips. There was a ton of flavor powder, leaving extra residue on your fingers. The taste was like a sweet onion, not too salty or powerful, but still with enough onion taste to make you grab for the mints after you finish eating.

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Aroma: An oniony smell wafts up from the bottom of the bag.

Laura Scudder's Sweet Maui Onion Classic Potato Chips

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From the package

"Chapter 6: Who would have guessed back in 1926 that a mother of four and a former nurse in her forties named Laura Scudder would revolutionize the potato chip industry? Beginning with her first potato chip shop in Monterey Park, California, Laura Scudder continually strived for increased product excellence. From that humble beginning, Laura Scudder's has grown into one of America's icons of inspiration. In addition to her many achievements in the potato chip industry, Laura Scudder was the first woman lawyer in Ukiah County. Four months pregnant, Laura Scudder traveled to Sacramento and endured two days of final exams, passing with honors. Although being accepted to practice law in the U.S. Federal Court, Laura Scudder never practiced law. Food was her inspiration and first love. Thankfully that's where she stayed!"

This snack was discovered by Keith at San Francisco International Airport. Review published .

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