Laura Scudder's All Natural Original Classic Potato Chips

Laura Scudder's All Natural Original Classic Potato Chips

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Taste: These are regular potato chips that have less salt on them than Classic Lay's, yet also seem a bit more oily (you will get residue on your fingers from the oil). The chips are thin and crispy, and because there seems to be less salt on them than Lay's, you really could eat an entire bag of these in one sitting. Definitely worth picking up if you see these on the West Coast. Second opinion: The texture seems lighter but there is more salt on them than Lay's.

Aroma: Slight potato aroma.

Manufacturer: Grande Foods

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From the package: "Chapter 1: Who would have guessed back in 1926 that a mother of four and a former nurse in her forties named Laura Scudder would revolutionize the potato chip industry? Beginning with her first pottao chip shop in Monterey Park, California, Laura Scudder continually strived for increased potato excellence. From that humble beginning, Laura Scudder's has become one of America's icons of natural goodness. As a mother and pioneer Laura Scudder said, "The food I make for the american family has to be the best. There is no other choice!" That's why Laura Scudder's Original Potato Chips are made using only the finest quality potatoes, oils and seasonings. Even today, with scientific advances, Laura Scudder's remains the natural choice for potato chips. Continuing our tradition of natural goodness, our potatoes have never been genetically modified (non-GMO), only grown the way nature and Laura Scudder intended. At Laura Scudder's, it's only natural to demand the best."

This snack was discovered by Keith at San Francisco International Airport. Review published .

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