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Grandma Shearer's Bar-B-Q Potato Chips

Grandma Shearer's Bar-B-Q Potato Chips

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Note: This snack has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Taste test: These are moderately thick potato chips with a good crunch. Grandma Shearer went the non-spicy route when she developed her recipe for barbecue chips, and if non-spicy is OK with you, you'll probably like these. They have a mild, sweet barbecue taste with no kick to it at all, and just the slightest amount of spiciness in the aftertaste.

Aroma: Sweet barbecue aroma

Manufacturer: Shearer's Foods LLC

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From the package: "As the boss around here I often receive letters from our customers. Some like to know how we make our snacks so good, other want to know more about Grandpa and me, and some, well, they're just plain weird! Like this:" Then there's a letter from "Bob B. Qude" asking how to make a barbecue with this same flavor, and a response from Grandma Shearer saying the recipe's a secret, but suggesting that "Bob B. Qude" layer these chips over the charcoal to marinate everything with this flavor.

This snack was discovered at Snaxpo.

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