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Chippery Chili Flavor Potato Chips

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Taste: Very thin. Nice crunch, for a thin chip. They are fresh, with a good chili powder taste. They do have some kick to them. A little too oily.

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Aroma: Sort of like paprika chips.

Chippery Chili Flavor Potato Chips

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Chippery (Canada)

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From the package

(Everything's in English and French) "Fresh from the cooker to your face ... Okay, so maybe not quite, but pretty darn close. We're talkin' the freshest chips you've ever bought. You just can't get any fresher, which is why they taste so good.

"At the Chippery, we're passionate about our chips, that's why we use only the freshest ingredients. We truly believe we have the best chips in the “whole wide world” but don't believe us, dig in and taste for yourself."

"The Chippery Guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the quality of this product, please return the bag and its contents to the nearest Chippery and we will gladly replace your purchase."

Trivia: The Chippery uses this same bag for potato, beet and sweet potato chips, in 12 different flavors.

This snack was discovered by Keith and Melissa at Fashion Show Mall food court, Las Vegas.

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