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Tayto Fusion Sweet Chilli & Red Peppers Flavour Chips

Tayto Fusion Sweet Chilli & Red Peppers Flavour Chips

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Taste test: My first bag of these crisps tasted quite good but was otherwise not good at all. The chips were unfortunately the soggiest, stalest chips I've ever tried. The bag was purchased and eaten more than two months prior to the "best before" date, and the integrity of the bag's seal did not appear to be compromised, but the chips just weren't fresh at all. I went back to Kiki's and bought another bag. Much better! The kettle-style potato chips in the second bag were crisp, fairly thin and crunchy, with a ton of excellent, rich flavor and a hot aftertaste.

Aroma: Very nice! Smells like pizza.

Manufacturer: Tayto Ltd. (Ireland)

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From the package: "You are about to experience pure indulgence. Tayto's Fusion crisps are created through a unique cooking process using only a select variety of potato, which are flavored with a skilful fusion of delicious, evocative ingredients from around the globe. The result is temptingly crunchy potato crisps in indulgent, mouth-watering flavours. Sweet Chilli & Red Peppers brings you the flavour of Eastern heat fused with delicious sweetness. An exotic blend of delicately crushed Far Eastern spices, aromatic herbs and sweet red peppers bring this subtly excitig taste to life."

This snack was discovered by Jeremy at Kiki's Kwik-Mart, Brighton, Massachusetts. Review published .

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