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Barcel Papas Toreadas a la Diabla

Barcel Papas Toreadas a la Diabla

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Taste test: These chips did not live up to the heat hype on the bag. The were very crunchy, kettle-style chips with a sparse, dark red seasoning on them. The flavor was sort of like tomato or sweet peppers at first. It was tasty and distinctive, as I couldn't directly correlate it with any other flavor I've tried. But there really wasn't any heat to speak of as I ate the chip. These was a hot aftertaste, but not one that would necessarily force you to run and get water.

Aroma: Very nice sweet pepper smell.

Manufacturer: Bimbo Snacks USA Ltd.

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From the package: "Celebrate the Chiles Toreados tradition. Just as the toreadors inflame fighting bulls with the capes, there's a time-honored secret to heighen the flavor of chiles. Handed down from generation to generation. Chiles Toreados are created by searing fresh chiles on a blistering grill to intensify their heat. We've captured their essence and emboldened our new, all-natural potato chips with a new, fiery flavor."

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